Oded Brenner

Oded is mostly known to people as “Max, the Bald Man” founder of the international chocolate restaurant chain – Max Brenner. (www.maxbrenner.com)

Oded started his entrepreneurial journey at 22 after the military service in Israel. While he was planning to fulfill his dream to become a writer, he traveled in Europe and worked in world-renowned confectionary and desserts establishments to finance his writing passion. After six years alongside famous chefs such as George Maushagen from Germany, Pierre Herme from Paris and chocolatier Michelle Chaudun he returned to Israel and started to write his “chocolate novel” by creating a new chocolate culture experience- chocolate cafes that enable the customers to fulfill their profound rapport with the magical qualities that are bundled in chocolate. He always says : “I don’t invent anything in chocolate. It all exists in people’s hearts and minds. I just express it in the most evident way- a way that everyone imagines chocolate and wishes to experience it. Until now, chocolate was sold in a manner highly contradicting its sensual, warm and joyful character. I have “freed” chocolate from its cage. I let people experience it to its fullest”.  

In 2006 oded opened his first United States location of Max Brenner, in Manhattan’s Union Square and grew the brand to over 70 restaurants worldwide including USA, Australia, China, Russia, South Korea & Israel.

In 2012 he sold the brand to the largest food cooperation- Strauss Group- and sketched his newest revolution in the chocolate industry: Blue Stripes Cacao Shop (www.bluestripes.com); A concept that is revealing the unknown properties of the cacao superfood pulp, fresh grinding of beans for the preparation of chocolate beverages and a quick serve operation that serves the sweet cravings of consumers on the go.

Blue Stripes first location launched in July 2018 and have already gained a crowd of fanatic followers that are becoming loyal brand ambassadors telling the new approach to the world of chocolate.



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